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Researchand Breeding

Our internal dent corn breeding program is designed to deliver high quality inbreds and hybrids to the licensing group. Currently there are two stations conducting research for IFSI in Clarion, IA and Geneseo, IL. Each station has two breeding programs and broad testing programs. The Clarion, IA station has breeding objectives and responsibilities for 95-105 day and 100-110 day development. The Geneseo, IL station has breeding objectives and responsibilities for 100-110 day and 105-115 day development.

In addition to these stations, winter nurseries are conducted in Hawaii and Mexico.

Field Crops Division has agreements with all major trait producers and is delivering the highest level of stacked traits.

We continue to be committed to innovation and provide opportunities for employees, customers and shareholders.

The world's best dealers, growers, distributors and agriculture leaders choose IFSI.