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Vista XR IFSI Reserve™

Vista XR (YW/ 69d) is a first early hybrid that brings IFSI Reserve™ eating quality to the early segment. Great husk protection and ear size make Vista XR an incredible choice for the first plantings in a high quality roadside market.


  • IFSI Reserve™ eating quality
  • Determinant tip fill
  • Excellent ear size
  • Common rust resistance (RpGDJ)
Traits Description Data*
Kernel Color Yellow YW
Maturity (Days) 69
Plant Height (Inches) 83
Ear Height (Inches) 25
Number of Kernels per Row 14 - 16
Ear Length (Inches) 7.75 - 8.25
Ear Diameter (Inches) 1.75 -2.00
Husk Color Medium - Dark Green 3

1: Very Dark Green
2: Dark Green
3: Medium - Dark Green
4: Medium Green
5: Medium - Light Green
6: Light Green
7: Very Light Green

Flag Leaves Good Flag Leaves 4

1: Exceptional Flag Leaves
2: Excellent Flag Leaves
3: Very Good Flag Leaves
4: Good Flag Leaves
5: Moderate Flag Leaves
6: Weak Flag Leaves

Husk Protection Very Good Coverage 2

1: Excellent Coverage
2: Very Good Coverage
3: Good Coverage
4: Adequate Coverage
5: Moderate Coverage
6: Weak Coverage

Shank Medium Long Shank Length 5

1: Very Compact Shank Length
2: Compact Shank Length
3: Compact Medium Shank Length
4: Medium Shank Length
5: Medium Long Shank Length
6: Long Shank Length
7: Very Long Shank Length

Tenderness Excellent Tenderness; Reserve Quality 2

1: Exceptional Tenderness; Reserve Quality
2: Excellent Tenderness; Reserve Quality
3: Very Good Tenderness; Xtra-Tender Quality
4: Good Tenderness; Xtra-Tender Quality
5: Moderate Tenderness; Shipping Quality
6: Firm Pericarp; Xtra-Sweet Quality

Sweetness Excellent Sweetness & Flavor 2

1: Exceptional Sweetness & Flavor
2: Excellent Sweetness & Flavor
3: Very Good Sweetness & Flavor
4: Good Sweetness & Flavor
5: Moderate Sweetness & Flavor

*Data are representative summaries for hybrid evaluations in Champaign, IL and Plover, WI. Ordinal ratings are on a scale of 1 to 9, where 1 indicates the best value.

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