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Top Sweet Corn Varieties Growers Should Consider for Their Portfolio

June 28, 2024

We are honored to be featured multiple times in Growing Produce’s article “Top Sweet Corn Varieties Growers Should Consider for Their Portfolio.” At IFSI, we take pride in the quality of our products, which is why we are committed to the continuous development of our seeds so our dealers and growers get the best results possible.

Below you’ll find Growing Produce’s insightful reviews on our Liberty, Redemption XR, Seminole Sweet XR, Signature XR, and Venture MXR varieties, emphasizing their superior qualities and suitability for diverse agricultural needs.


“‘Liberty’ produces an ideal ear size for shipping. It has an easy snap, strong tip fill, and sturdy plant. Matures in 79 days.”

Redemption XR

“A robust plant type with exceptional husk protection, ‘Redemption XR’ is a one-of-a-kind variety that can be planted in all seasons, soils, and regions. An ideal hybrid bicolor supersweet (sh2) for fresh and shipping markets during full season. Matures in 80 days.”

Seminole Sweet XR

“‘Seminole Sweet XR’ is a bicolor supersweet (sh2). It makes for a high-quality shipper that combines high yields with superior flavor. The dark-green husk provides good protection for a clean, strong plant and excellent kernel flavor. Matures in 80 days. Exclusive!”

Signature XR

“‘Signature XR F1’ offers superior eating quality and top agronomic performance. You can expect excellent tenderness and sweetness (paired with an attractive, dark-green husk) from this bicolor supersweet. A favorite from our trials and a sure hit with consumers. Matures in 72 days.”

Venture MXR

“‘Venture MXR’ is an excellent, early season bicolor supersweet (sh2) with great roadside stand potential, strong seedling vigor, and plant strength. Good disease resistance package. Matures in 72 days.”

To learn more about these varieties or to explore more of our offerings, visit our product pages or consult with your seed dealer.

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