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  • Products - Creating the sweet corn industry's highest quality hybrid seed, foundation seed and licensing genetics. Our award-winning products and research deliver characteristics that matter most to our partners, and mark a returning emphasis to eating quality and flavor.
  • Partnerships - Because we see our dealers and growers as trusted partners, we focus our improvements on what they need most. Customers tell us our personalized service and expertise - in the office and in the field - is unmatched in the industry.
  • Development - With locations across the US and around the world, our team is continually Researching, Developing new hybrids and Testing existing hybrids in various environments and in diverse conditions.

About Us


IFSI develops industry-favorite yellow, bicolor, and white hybrids for fresh and processing markets worldwide. Our ability to combine seed quality, seedling vigor and eating quality traits into a single package is what makes our products unrivaled in the sweet corn industry. For over 50 years, we've developed successful sh2 varieties that set the industry's standards, including our latest innovations in the award-winning IFSI Reserve™ line of hybrids. We are bringing varieties to market that frankly, delight consumers - whether they find our products in their supermarket, farmers' market or home garden.

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The world's best dealers, growers, distributors and agriculture leaders choose IFSI.