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IFSI Fresh Market Sweet Corn products cover the spectrum and include some of the industry's most trusted hybrids and latest innovations. Our growing lineup of products excels in all Fresh Markets - from commercial shipping to roadside and farm market stands.

For nearly 100 years, IFSI Sweet Corn has continued to develop and deliver hybrids that lead the industry in:

  • Eating Quality
  • Seed Quality
  • Seedling Vigor

This commitment - to pair the high eating quality with exceptional agronomic characteristics - is our highest priority for one reason. To ensure the success of our trusted dealers and growers.

IFSI Reserve™ series is our newest and most innovative line yet. This series of hybrids is reserved for the highest eating quality – our most tender pericarp and sweetest taste. Vision MXR, XTH20173, 3473, 1273, Vista XR, and our brand-new, award-winning American Dream.

All-America Selections (AAS) just named American Dream as its 2018 Recipient of the All American Selections National Award. This marks the first corn awarded in 17 years and the first bi-color since our win with Honey N' Pearl 30 years ago.

Here's what they're saying: "AAS Judges selected American Dream as their top trial choice and it just so happens to come from the same company that introduced Honey N' Pearl, an AAS winner from 1988. In a tight trial, American Dream was pitted up against Honey N' Pearl and came through as the winner! With its excellent germination, very tender, super sweet kernels, this newbie will make a great addition to the home garden. American Dream matures slightly earlier than the comparisons and produces vigorous, healthy plants with cobs that have good tip fill of bi-colored kernels. Plants grow 6-7 feet tall and mature in 77 days after planting the seed. Perfect fresh, roasted, grilled, canned or frozen."

All-America Selections

IFSI Sweet CornProduct Lines

  • IFSI Reserve™ - Our new, award-winning hybrids that offers the highest eating-quality genetics.
  • Xtra-Tender™ - Launched when the new sh2 types came to market, these products delivered a significant quality leap in increased tenderness and elevated sweetness.
  • Xtra-Sweet™ - Our original, sh2 products which delivered some of the industry's first advances in extended shelf life and elevated sweetness.

The world's best dealers, growers, distributors and agriculture leaders choose IFSI.