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Committed to DevelopmentDedicated to Quality

Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. (IFSI) is an independent company delivering the leading research, product development, licensing, and production for the seed industry's sweet corn and field crops.

  • Committed to Quality Products - We started as a foundation seed company in 1937 with a simple goal - to improve corn seed and agriculture. IFSI delivers industry leading field crops and sweet corn products. By constantly listening to our customers and conducting research around the world, we continue to improve commercial standards, earning some of the highest awards in the seed industry.
  • Committed to Quality Service - IFSI delivers expert customer service that is rare today – knowledgeable, available and friendly. Our long-time customers will tell you it’s true. From the team in the office to the researchers and staff in the field, we’re committed to making sure our customers get the information they need when they need it.
  • Committed to Quality Research – With the grower in mind, we started a research division to advance genetics. Our passion for innovation continues to improve our existing products and delivers new advances every year. As we’ve grown, we never lost our focus – to develop better seed for the thousands of dealers, growers and partners who count on us.
  • Committed to Our Customers – We are an independent, private company with consistent, stable shareholders, many who are operating family-based businesses of their own. This means we grow large enough to innovate and remain small enough to listen.
  • Committed to Quality Licensing – IFSI licenses industry-leading genetics in both our Field Crops and Sweet Corn divisions. Our customers rely on us for everything from a single inbred to complement the work occurring in their own research divisions or to supply a complete hybrid.

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IFSI has assembled a team that pairs bright, young innovators with wise, veteran employees. You'll find the same employees that breed and develop varieties are experts that serve our customers in the field. We are lean and adaptable - translating to quick adjustments that mean the critical difference to our customers.

The world's best dealers, growers, distributors and agriculture leaders choose IFSI.