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Committed to DevelopmentDedicated to Quality

At IFSI Sweet Corn, we've focused our passion and research on developing hybrids and varieties that outperform in every environment. We market sweet corn varieties that deliver quality without compromise. Here's how we do it.

  • Quality in our Products - IFSI products are superior from start to finish – in our seed quality, eating quality, and the integrity of every product we develop. Our focus is both on creating new varieties and improving current commercial standards. If the hybrid is working well for our dealers and growers, sometimes improvements can be incremental – keep improving disease resistance, improving color or any number of other traits. Sometimes our extensive research means we come across new genetics that shake up the seed world. IFSI Sweet Corn varieties focus exclusively on sh2 for good reason - improved eating quality over other classes of sweet corn, improved shelf life over other products, and reducing the need to add sugar to canned corn in processing.
  • Quality in our Team - We have assembled a team of some of the brightest minds and hardest workers in the business. It is the perfect mix – brilliant, young innovators and wise, experienced veterans working side by side, building on what's made us the industry leader. With strong science and distinct market knowledge, paired with a strong work ethic and an easy-going spirit you don't find much anymore, this translates to a team our customers stay with over the long haul.
    • What makes us different? - Our team seamlessly moves from the lab to the field, from conversations with growers to conducting groundbreaking research. The team members you'll find breeding and developing varieties are the same ones you'll work with in the field and as you have questions. We believe in staying close to the ground because we know when our dealers and growers win, we do too.
  • Quality in our Service - It's the #1 compliment we receive – on our expert, personalized, and accessible customer service. We made a decision about how we'll work with our dealers and growers – providing service that reflects how we like to be treated. Customers can count on a member of our team for knowledgeable advice, in the field or on the other end of a phone call. Need a substitution or a sample planting program? Want to know what works best in your market and your location? Want a program that is customized for your needs? Or need to know how quickly we can deliver to your location? Our expert team will answer your questions to help avoid delays and pitfalls.
  • Quality in our Research - We're proud of our roots as a company with a foundation in research. That commitment has never changed. We're still an industry leader in conducting research that results in market-changing advances. By constantly collecting and sharing data on yield, maturity, quality, and seedling vigor around the world, we pay attention and never try to make one hybrid fit for all growers. We understand the different challenges from farming in Belle Glade, Florida, to Ontario, Canada. Working in over 50 locations in the US and in another 35+ around the world, we test in diverse environments to develop consistently reliable, outperforming seed, specifically tailored for every region.


We are proud of a legacy that focuses on long term values and genetic improvements that consistently stand the test of time. IFSI began its sweet corn program in the early 1960s when the value of the shrunken-2 gene was identified. The demand for IFSI's sweet corn in the home garden, roadside stand, and processing markets has grown dramatically because of superior taste, extended shelf life, and overall product quality.

The world's best dealers, growers, distributors and agriculture leaders choose IFSI.